Experience Design Weekly #81 – Double Diamond & Design System Encyclopedia

Double Diamond & Design System Encyclopedia

“Get rid of everything that is not essential to making a point.”
Christoph Niemann


8 Easy Ways To Ruin Your User Onboarding
To understand why user onboarding is such an indispensable tool, we need to empathize with the people using our products; we all come from different backgrounds and cultures, we make different assumptions, and we see the world differently.

The Design System Encyclopedia
A complete, visual encyclopedia of UI tokens, components, interaction patterns, and visualizations.

Is Your Strategy Top-Down, Bottom-Up Or Sideways?
Strategy may be one of the most overused words in business. It can sometimes feel more like planning for business as usual. Therein lies a problem.

COVID-19 Has Changed Your Users
People’s behaviors and preferences have shifted. Research will help you figure out how your users have changed and how your designs need to adapt.

Observing the Double Diamond process in practice
The double diamond process was launched in 2004 by the British Design Council. Afterwards, they re-assessed it and created an “evolved” version too, focusing on innovation for all, rather than design only.


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