Experience Design Weekly #82 – The ROI of UX & Clear Messaging in Product Design

The ROI of UX & Clear Messaging in Product Design

“Look at usual things with unusual eyes”
Vico Magistretti


Prioritising a Product Backlog When Everything is Important
Prioritisation requires deciding how important an item is. If everything is high priority, everything is equally important. This means in effect that nothing is a priority. But without clear priorities, the development team lacks direction, and there is only a slim chance of creating a successful product.

The importance of clear messaging in product design
A is very predictable. B on the other hand is completely unpredictable. Which one would you find it easier to carry a conversation with — A or B?

Discovery – Learning vs. Insights
We generally learn every day we are working on product discovery activities, but what we’re really searching for are insights.

Three Myths About Calculating the ROI of UX
Many teams overthink return-on-investment calculations for UX work. Treat these calculations as a way to estimate the strategic value of design.

Component Driven User Interfaces
The development and design practice of building user interfaces with modular components. UIs are built from the “bottom up” starting with basic components then progressively combined to assemble screens.


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