Experience Design Weekly #84 – Design Thinking vs. UCD & Guide to Journey Mapping

Design Thinking vs. UCD & Guide to Journey Mapping

“Thinking about design is hard, but not thinking about it can be disastrous”
Ralph Caplan


Just-Right Personas: How to Choose the Scope of Your Personas
Narrow- and broad-scope personas achieve different goals. Success depends upon knowing the tradeoffs and structuring your personas’ scope based on what you are trying to achieve.

Towards an assumptions canvas, for more equitable and less problematic products
Unexamined assumptions rarely turn out well. At best, your product/app/service will stumble, from which you can recover but at a cost.

UI Cheat Sheet: in-app notifications
If you are designing a product with a social element, chances are — you’re going to need a notification center and you are going to need this cheat sheet.

The ultimate guide to customer journey mapping
Journey mapping may seem complex, especially if you trying to do it in the group workshop. This article will give you a powerful tool and a simple template, that will help you create insightful journey maps and facilitate like a pro.

Why Design Thinking is hurting user-centered design
Design thinking is a superficial process that undermines design practitioners’ work.


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