Experience Design Weekly #85 – Designing for Impact & Innovation Culture

Designing for Impact & Innovation Culture

“The word ‘design’ is everything and nothing. The design and the product itself are inseparable.”
Jony Ive


Designing for Impact
Not only do we want our work to have purpose and meaning, but we also want it to have a strong, tangible effect on the things we’re trying to change.

Innovation Culture: the important role of Corporate Culture in driving Innovation
The most innovative and successful companies of today such as Google, Netflix, or Tesla have been paying great attention to creating a culture that encourages employees to believe in the importance of their role and in the purpose of the company.

The capital efficiency impact of design systems
A design system has more benefits than just creating something new. It is foundational to your digital ecosystem — and it saves both time and money.

Getting Real about Customer Delight: The Strategy of Emotional Outcomes
Over 20 years ago, a business trend emerged suggesting that delighting customers was measurably more profitable than simply satisfying them.

Are You Really Innovating Around Your Customers’ Needs?
Three ways companies can come up with truly innovative ideas by thinking about customers first.


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