Experience Design Weekly #86 – Data Driven Design & Understanding User Behaviours

Data Driven Design & Understanding User Behaviours

“The only important thing about design is how it relates to people.”
Victor Papanek


How to really understand humans
Need-to-know theories, frameworks and tools for designers and researchers.

Using real data in Figma
Being able to showcase your work as close to how it will look and function when it ends up in the hands of your users is really valuable.

Why product teams need user researchers for continuous discovery
Demystifying research in product development.

Getting Your Organisation to Care About Product Management
While we know a solid product management game is the recipe for delivering good products, resulting in happy customers and a successful business, there are plenty of reasons why product management can slip down the executive team’s list of priorities

Data-Driven Design: An Integral Part of UX Design
Data helps product teams understand their target users, reveals information about users’ painpoints, unearths new trends, supports data-driven design, and assures teams that their work is on track.


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