Experience Design Weekly #87 – Design Systems & Product Discovery

Design Systems & Product Discovery

“Good art inspires; Good design motivates”
Otl Aicher


Naming Tokens in Design Systems
Terms, Types, and Taxonomy to Describe Visual Style. As tokens become more sophisticated, naming patterns matter.

The Importance of Component Based UI Design
Poor process trickles out into the larger pipeline and can have devastating effects on multiple areas of the software development environment.

A Brief Guide to Product Discovery
This article explains what product discovery is, why it matters, and how it helps you maximise the chances of creating a successful product. It discusses when, how and by whom product discovery should be carried out.

Why Agile Turns into Micromanagement
You guessed right: it is time for a rant and short “checklist” to get the discussion going in your organization.

Reframing Backlogs and Roadmaps for Good
Backlogs and roadmaps are filled with traps and tensions. If done badly, they hold back good product teams and cloud judgement.


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