Experience Design Weekly #88 – Enterprise Product Management & Design Systems

Enterprise Product Management & Design Systems

“Design is the body language of your marketing. Don’t slouch”
Mark King


The Top Five Hidden Challenges of Enterprise Product Management
The top 5 hidden challenges in enterprise software product management and how you can manage them.

The hidden bias in iterative product development
Are we psychologically primed to focus on the wrong parts of our product?

How does understanding ‘superview’ and ‘safe area’ make you a better designer?
Make sure you factor in the safe area into your design to protect your vision from being warped during development and have better control over the end product.

Solidify digital production with a Design System
This article explains the added value of good user experience to the business and how your digital transformation is empowered by good UX design!

Narrative in prototypes
A good narrative elevates a prototype from merely demonstrating task flows to an artifact that unites the team, describes the actions afforded, and promotes user empathy.


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