Experience Design Weekly #89 – The Aesthetic Usability Effect & Converting Visual Principles

The Aesthetic Usability Effect & Converting Visual Principles

“Bad design shouts at you. Good design is the silent seller.”
Shane Meendering


Converting visual design principles into their audio counterparts
A handbook for learning to “see” music just like a design.

7 Practical Tips for Better Microcopy
Good microcopy is one of the fastest ways to improve an interface. Try doing an audit on your UI with these tips to see how it stands up.

6 (more) Figma plugins that you need in your life
In this follow-up article I wanted to share a few more of the plugins that I use on a regular basis, and that have helped me not only improve the designs I create, but have also helped speed up my workflow considerably. And I’m sure they’ll do the same for you.

The Aesthetic-Usability Effect: Why beautiful-looking products are preferred over usable-but-not-beautiful ones
Users are strongly influenced by the aesthetics of any given interface, even when they try to evaluate the system’s underlying functionality.

The 3 qualities of a great product
There are 3 main qualities that make a great product, according to the Kano model. Each of these 3 qualities speaks to a distinct response we can observe in users to the way a product behaves.


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