Experience Design Weekly #94 – ProductOps Pitfalls & Design System Pillars

ProductOps Pitfalls & Design System Pillars

“The only important thing about design is how it relates to people.”
Victor Papanek


The Main Pillars of Effective Design Systems
Design systems all establish consistency in design and code, encourage reuse instead of rework, and increase the accessibility and usability of digital products.

The Product Strategy Cycle
This article explains how you can use the cycle to join up product strategy, product roadmap, KPIs, product backlog, and development work, and discusses the role stakeholders and development team members play in making effective strategic product decisions.

Mercedes vs Lucid: Different Views on Luxury UI Design
The difference between the two views of luxury is highlighted in the UI design of both cars.

3 Common Product Ops Pitfalls
Product operations are important. The data we collect there can lead to massive insights that scale and build across the entire organisation. Having it available and consistent is a huge plus when it comes to finding alignment, and making things happen at high velocity

5 Ways Agile UX Can Revolutionize Your Business
Companies that have welcomed UX design and leveraged its power have seen 32% more revenue and a 56% increase in shareholder returns over a 5-year period.


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