Experience Design Weekly #99 – Enterprise Design Discovery & UX for 2021

Enterprise Design Discovery & UX for 2021

“To say that something is designed means it has intentions that go beyond its function. Otherwise, it’s just planning”
Ayse Birsel


Design Must Mature in the Digital Age
This article explains why having a firm conceptual foundation for an application user interface is an essential step in achieving digital maturity, as well as the reason why many design leaders are managing more than design.

Enterprise Design Discovery
Design discovery within enterprise platforms and systems

The State of UX for 2021
The global pandemic and national lockdowns have brought a sudden change to the way we interact with the world, both digital and real. It has impacted the current state of UX and formed a foundation for the UX trends of 2021.

The Product Decision Stack
So how do we improve the quality and velocity of the decisions that we’re making every day, which are shaping our product while decreasing decision overload?

Why Toggle Buttons Should Never Look Like Action Buttons
Toggle buttons should never look like action buttons. A common mistake is to use the same colour cue on them.


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