A new business model & a best-in-class employee benefits platform


Client: Employee Benefits Provider for SMEs

Industry: Employee Benefits, Rewards & Communication

Activity: Vision & Product Strategy, Product Discovery, Prototyping, UI Direction, UI Design & Front End Design System

Challenge Overview

Cloud 8 is the new name of the product offshoot from PES, who enlisted us to improve upon existing technologies and create a better user experience. That product would be decoupled from the consultancy and create a massive revenue opportunity through white labelling.

Additionally, in order to secure investment, Cloud 8 would need to demonstrate a true disruption in the marketplace, with a platform that looks good and is easy to use.

Our Engagement

In order for this business model to be realised, the product needed a complete overhaul with regards to the information architecture, user interface design and overall user experience.

We created a scalable UI design system, and worked with the team to raise digital product design standards. This meant onboarding the team to best design practices and building their internal capabilities—including developing their tech lead into a product management role, and maturing a design team

Results & ROI

Our work with Cloud 8 directly contributed to enhancing their position in the market, by delivering an easy-to-use product with a modern, attractive interface. We helped them realise their vision of market disruption—changing the way employee benefits are accessed by small business employees—and they are now able to take employee benefits to the masses with a solution designed especially for SMEs.

According to the client, we effectively made ourselves redundant. We helped the Cloud 8 team create a framework to enable collaboration, where users' needs could directly influence development. Throughout this work we helped Cloud8 shift focus from BAU and disparate yet bright ideas to a prioritised roadmap where they could bring new ideas to fruition faster. These operational efficiencies also allowed the team space to focus on customer centricity, learning and growth as a new company.

Our efforts with Cloud 8 resulted in £2.75M in investment. By improving the user experience, we were also able to reduce support calls to Cloud 8 and lessen the burden on the support team in general, as the product was now much more self-serve to the customers.

Additionally, the company was invited to pitch for large projects, opportunities they directly attribute to their work with our team.

"We’ve secured investors as a result of the work Super User Studio has done for us."
Ian Rummels - CEO

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