Product Vision Accelerator 4-Day Email Course

Learn how to co-design your B2B Product Visiontype in just 4 weeks.

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Overview of the Product Vision Accelerator

What are the key benefits of a Product Vision Accelerator and how does a Vision Prototype help? Director and Co-founder Odette Colyer walks us through the process:

Video Transcription (text version)

This is a really useful framework for those organisations that have a vision in place but aren't quite sure how to execute upon it.

So that vision might be expressed in a myriad of different PowerPoints / Excel spreadsheets and it might actually be a vision that isn't completely seen entirely the same way from one function of the organisation to the next. And so it feels very nebulous and is very hard to pin down.

The Product Vision Accelerator helps you achieve that. It helps you work together, align your teams across your organisation to create a very tangible expression of your vision. The tangible expression of that vision is called a Vision Prototype. And through that Vision Prototype you're able to explore the potential for your platform, but crucially, also validate it with your customers and end users.

Another exciting aspect of the Product Vision Accelerator is that you've realised that vision in a really short, constrained period of time. So typically we're working with organisations for about a four to six week period to get to that point, saving your business and your teams, months and months of effort to realise that. And then ultimately what you have off the back of that is a very clear path to your first MVP. And in doing so, you've aligned teams, you've introduced new ways of working, new ways to collaborate, and ultimately you're starting to change the culture of your organisation and how you work, assessing how ready you are for that, where you need to upskill in some areas, where you need to expand upon capabilities in other areas. And all of that achieved in such a short time frame, it effectively saves a lot of money and a lot of time.

Supporting Links & Resources for your B2B Product Vision

The email course, which takes place over 4 days, shares useful links and resources to help you learn more about taking a Vision-led approach for your B2B product. You can sign up for the course at any time, but we've also listed the resources below for ease of access.

Day 1

What impact can a Product Vision really make?

Podcast: Vision and strategy: Marty Cagan on The Product Experience - Part 1

Product vision examples: Silicon Valley Product Group

Roman Pichler: 8 Tips for Creating a Compelling Product Vision


Exploring challenges & opportunities to be addressed by the Product Vision

Nielsen Norman Group: ‘When to use which user research method’

UX Booth:
A Guide to Empathy Mapping

Harvard Business School:
Understand your competitive opportunity with Porter’s Five Forces Model

Day 3

How to run a Product Design Ideation Workshop 

Nielsen Norman Group: ‘Using How Might We Questions’

Eva Schicker: Writing the Perfect Problem Statement for UX Research

Super User Studio: Establishing Product Design Principles

Super User Studio: Product Design Ideation Workshop

Day 4

Which tools can help you bring your product vision to life? Figma UI Kit Resources

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