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We are highly experienced digital product designers, strategists and researchers with a collective drive to make a difference to B2B software experiences. We believe that by simplifying the products & services around us, we can free-up more time to really enjoy life.

The Super User Studio team

We simplify the complex

We have over 20 years of experience in driving businesses forward using user-centred and collaborative design techniques. We are specialists in creating experience language and UI frameworks for large companies and understand the unique challenges faced internally when trying to transform your digital product & service landscape. We can help you consolidate legacy or acquired products, simplify complex workflows and embed innovative design practices into your organisation. Your people, customers, clients and users are at the heart of everything we do.

We deliver value, fast

We provide a balanced and iterative approach to experience research, strategy and digital product design to meet commercial objectives without compromising best practices. We work closely with you to support the transformation of your digital products, to improve operational efficiencies and boost your competitive advantage. We live and breath your organisation to do this, entrenching ourselves in the detail and delivering value quickly. Check out our product design resources specifically created for enterprise teams. 

We’re known for our attention to detail

We are known for our exceptional quality and we continue to deliver cutting edge design systems by remaining small and specialist. The SUS Associate Network supports our core team and ensures we can bring the most effective skillset and team to your project.


User Experience, UI Design, Service Design Consultancy London Clients


Odette & Stu co-founded Super User Studio in 2008.

Odette Colyer Super User Studio Research & Strategy DirectorOdette Colyer
Partner, Experience & Research Strategy
Odette started her digital career 20 years ago as an online journalist and then producer in news and programming. She joined the BBC as a researcher for Top of the Pops, Blue Peter and then went on to produce the BAFTA award-winning Smile team at Darrall MacQueen. She went on to head-up a large production team at a design agency in Spain, before returning to the UK to co-found Super User Studio. As Director of Research & Product Strategy at SUS, Odette has been able to support the transformation of many businesses and their products for organisations such as CEB, Thomsons Online Benefits, Channel 4, Alstom, Zynstra and Apteco.

Stu CollettStu Collett 
Partner, Product & Design Strategy
Stu started his design career 20 years ago and since then he has gained experience in a very broad range of design disciplines. Stu has worked on cutting-edge products, including an early AI game called Jamie Kane for the BBC which won a D&AD award. After working in various London agencies, Stu decided to set-up his own UX consultancy at a time when there were only a handful of agencies in the UK that offered this approach. As Design Director at SUS, he especially enjoys service design and implementing design systems for enterprise SaaS solutions. He also started UX Jobs board in 2013 in order to connect fellow UX professionals with great opportunities.


Introducing the SUS Associate Network

The team at Super User Studio is small, diverse, highly experienced and, you might say, perfectly formed. Like a film crew, we build expert teams for our clients, tailored to the needs of their project. This is when we use the SUS Associate Network, an extension of our internal team, with whom we've worked on many projects over the past 10 years. If you're interested in joining our team, please get in touch.

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Have any questions? Contact Odette today:

Odette Colyer

Tel: +44(0)20 3507 0462
Email: hello@superuserstudio.com

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