Product Design Ideation Workshop Template

Bring B2B teams together to visualise requirements and create solutions you can all get on board with in 5 simple steps

Requirements: At least 4 cross-functional strategic workshop participants
Time: Around 2 hours, 40 minutes to complete

Overview of Product DESIGN IDEATION WORKSHOP template

Start inspiring and co-creating concept sketches in just 5 simple steps. The template is super easy to use and offers instructions and suggested timings throughout.

What is a Product Design Ideation Workshop?

A Product Design Ideation Workshop is an ideal way to inspire stakeholders and to provide focus for design and development. Techniques such as guided sketching and voting on concepts are used with a cross-functional team, led by product managers and product designers working on B2B platforms.

A Product Design Ideation Workshop may be held at any stage of a product’s lifecycle to solve stickier design challenges. It is an especially effective tool to use at the inception of completely new areas of functionality.

About the template

This Miro template is primarily for product managers and product designers working on B2B platforms. However, the workshop encourages cross-functional collaboration, and so gets colleagues from across the business involved. At least 4 participants is recommended to run the workshop efficiently.


Summary of the key topics included in your Miro board with suggested timings (full instructions are included):

  • Problem statement  (Optional - 10 mins)
  • User insight review (Optional - 10 mins)
  • Inspiration demos (1 hour)
  • Notes & ideas (5 mins)
  • Crazy 8s (8 mins)
  • Concept sketch (30 mins)
  • Concept presentation (25 mins)

If you'd like to find out more about how Product Design Ideation can help your organisation, you can get in touch here.