Product Design Principles Workshop Template

Define Product Design Principles in just 6 simple steps with our free Miro template for B2B product teams

Requirements: 5-7 cross-functional strategic workshop participants
Time: Around 90 minutes to complete

Overview of Product DESIGN PRINCIPLES WORKSHOP template

The template has been designed for enterprise software teams and aims to provide clear guidance on how to define your B2B Product Design Principles. It's easy to use and includes helpful instructions and suggested timings throughout.

What are Product Design Principles?

Product design principles are best-practice guidelines that balance the needs of the business and  inform the design process. Creating and implementating them aims to create successful and user-centred products. They assist designers in making decisions related to functionality, aesthetics, usability, and the overall user experience of a product.

The definition of Product Design Principles is typically tackled during more strategic design phases, during the inception of new products or key workflows. However, they are also useful during digital transformation processes, when better product design practices may be desired.

About the template

This Miro template is primarily for product managers and product designers working on B2B platforms. However, the workshop encourages cross-functional collaboration, and so gets colleagues from across the business involved. About 5-7 people is optimum to run the workshop efficiently. These people should be empowered to make strategic decisions.


Summary of the key topics included in your Miro board with suggested timings (full instructions are included):

  • Introduction & examples (10 mins)
  • User insight review (Optional - 10 mins)
  • Keyword creation, theming and voting (20 mins)
  • Considering perspectives & voting (20 mins)
  • Writing product design principles (25 mins)
  • Create posters (optional)

If you'd like to find out more about how Design Principles can help your organisation, you can get in touch here.