SUS have unlocked over $1 billion in value for our enterprise software partners. Our business & product design specialists place your people at the heart of what they do to create valuable and innovative digital experiences.

Product & UX Strategy Services

Product & UX Strategy

Combining top-down & bottom-up collaborative approaches, we help you envisage how you can transform your digital product & service experiences.


  • Digital product discovery
  • Cross-functional stakeholder engagement
  • Service analysis & blueprinting
  • Value proposition design
  • Ethnographic research
  • Product & Market analysis/auditing
  • Competitor/Best of Breed review
  • Vision & Road-mapping


    • Organisational alignment & focus
    • Deeper insight & visualisation of customer/client/end user problems
    • Improved awareness of current exemplars of best practice & future market expectations
    • Proposition visualisation
    • Product & service re-conceptualisation
    • Clear strategy/roadmap for the transformation of products & services

    Digital Product Design Services

    Digital Product Design

    SUS offers a holistic design service; from consolidating enterprise software solutions or services, right down to the creation of brand enriched design systems. Consistency, scalability and the highest design standards drive our delivery.


    • User story mapping
    • Architecture mapping - across services, products, platforms, workflows
    • Mapping the optimum experience
    • Design sprints
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Usability testing
    • Digital brand identity & system
    • Establishing your experience design language
    • UI design systems


      • Simplification of your experience, product & service offering
      • Co-designed solutions to enhance organisational adoption
      • Increase brand perception and the lifetime value of your customers
      • Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs
      • Free-up time to innovate and focus less on BAU tasks
      • Ramp-up your competitive advantage
      • Support cultural change
      • Increase business growth and value - functional and financial

      Design Maturity & Enablement Services

      Design Maturity & Enablement

      Our design specialists work with you to raise the bar in design standards within your organisation; your people, products & services. This delivers lasting value and a positive return on your investment.


      • Cross-functional collaborative workshops
      • Design studios & training
      • Seeding your experience language & design system
      • Consultancy on building your UX team
      • Consultancy on UX team workflow, processes, procedures, tools
      • Supporting your talent acquisition


      • Design enablement & self-efficacy
      • Establish best practices and standards
      • Create an environment that supports growth
      • Instil design thinking practices
      • Future proof your company

      Digital Product, Design & Innovation Advisory

      We offer a pragmatic Advisory that's designed to set up enterprise software providers for long-term success. We empower you with cutting-edge design practices, innovative frameworks, and streamlined systems, all customised to your unique needs.

      Read more about our advisory service

      Sector ExperIence

      We've designed experiences across a wide number of industries and sectors

      • HR/HCM
      • Fintech
      • Hybrid IT
      • Public Relations
      • Broadcasting
      • Social Care
      • Pharma
      • Analytics
      • Power & Energy
      • Publishing

      Want to add value fast?

      We have a range of starter service packages to help you benchmark, innovate and add value to your product & service

      Read more about our starter service packages

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