For enterprise software providers facing Digital Product Design & Innovation challenges

In the ever-changing world of enterprise software, integrating design into product management is a challenge. Leaders of start-ups, scale-ups, or established industry players alike, all face this hurdle. However, with little or no access to dedicated design resources, innovation cycles are impacted upon and the gap between product capabilities and customer expectations grows. For many software providers these issues are hampering their ability to remain competitive.

Super User Studio Digital Product Advisory

What is the Advisory Service?

Super User Studio's Advisory is designed to set-up enterprise software providers for long-term success via effective design practices, frameworks and systems.

The Advisory empowers your team, enabling seamless design integration into your product management and software development processes. The goal is to help you make strategic decisions that take your platform to the next level while delivering real business impact.

"With their extensive experience working with enterprise-level product businesses, Super User Studio had strong insights into effective UX approaches.


Their recommendations have increased the internal UX team’s output quality and refined processes."
Head of Ventures, dunnhumby

Key ways the Advisory can help your team:

  • Foster a Vision-led Culture: Understand the unifying value of a Visiontype & roadmap. Learn how to create them for better alignment & effective decision-making.
  • Integrate Product Design & Product Management: Streamline operations, unblock teams & encourage collaborative innovation.
  • Gain Clarity on Innovation & Growth Opportunities: Tap into executive design leadership to spot opportunities to bring business value.
  • Enhance Platform Experience & Customer Value: Benefit from insight into latest & best practices to identify how your platform's capabilities can align with customer expectations.
  • Boosting Efficiency & Cutting Operational Costs: Receive guidance on using Design Systems & systemised working to enable your teams to work smarter & faster, while reducing operational costs.
  • Upskill Your Team: Coaching your team to make effective & informed decisions.

Super User Studio has helped clients achieve over $1 billion in value through M&As.

"Our team has learned a lot from what SUS has done. We’re now doing things by ourselves, and when we share such processes with our customers, the feedback is incredibly positive. Overall, we’re on the right track in terms of understanding the key elements of a user-centric design process. The engagement has had an impactful effect on the way that we deliver software to our customers."
Product Director, AMT-SYBEX

Digital Product Advisory for Capita

How does the Advisory work?

The Advisory service contributes to immediate monthly outcomes, but the aim is to set-up enterprise software providers for long-term success.

  • Strategy Sessions (4 days a month) to provide leadership on design challenges
  • Access to a Knowledge Repository containing a wealth of useful resources, templates, and guides.
  • Preferential Access to our seasoned product design and user research professionals, ensuring top-tier talent at your disposal when needed.
  • Weekly Check-ins to unblock & feed into progress
  • Monthly Strategic Recommendations - sharing techniques, resources, and frameworks for ongoing growth.
  • Continuous Learning fostered through tailored workshops, ensuring your team stays abreast of the latest industry trends and practices.

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