SUS Voted One of UK’s Top UX & UI Agencies 2018

SUS is UK's Top UX & UI Agencies 2018

The Winter Olympics are here. What a privilege to watch world class athletes making extremely difficult things look effortless. What we don’t see, of course, are the decades of training and sacrifice that lead up to crunch time on the snow and ice.

Like an Olympic athlete, a successful app or SaaS platform provider should make everything look easy.

The truth is, behind any great piece of software there are countless hours of research, innovation, design, and testing. Achieving a clean and engaging user experience is never as simple as it appears. And of course, UX agencies don’t just compete locally; ours is a genuinely global marketplace. That’s why, Super User Studio is proud to be named as one of the UK’s Top UX Designers by Clutch.

Clutch is a tech platform based in Washington D.C. that identifies the best companies from around the world in IT, marketing and design. They group companies based on areas of expertise, market presence and customer satisfaction. From there, they create leaders matrices to help businesses find the right partners.

We’re delighted to be featured in the top three on this global platform. A big thank you to all our clients who reviewed our work. Here are a few highlights:

“They have the ability to understand highly technical requirements, and they’re able to convert that into a simple user experience. That’s really the heart of our business, and that skill is not one that you find in any UX team.”Product Manager, Thomsons Online Benefits

“They had really good knowledge, experience, and things they could teach us. … They covered design, UX, and a little bit of business strategy as well. They’re a small agency, but they knew their stuff. They could cover quite a lot of bases and roles within what they did.”Former Product Manager, Channel4

“The first time Super User came in to demonstrate the new user experience, I had the sales director in the room to have a look, and he actually never got to the end of the meeting. He wanted to leave the meeting to tell people about it right away. For me, in many respects, that was almost the best result, having the director running out of the room halfway through the demo. It’s a great anecdote, and it just shows how, in an instant, it made a difference.”Director of Solution Management, Questback

You won’t find the team at Super User Studio hurtling down a bobsleigh track on a tray. You will find us working hard to stand out in our industry, delivering results beyond our clients’ expectations.

Have a look at our Clutch profile to read full-length interviews with our clients and find out why we’re one of the UK’s top UX agencies.

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